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Message from our Pastor
Rev Douglas Ralph
The Thomas Coats Memorial Church is more than stone and lime; it is the expression of great faith and loyalty, of hope and confidence in the future. It enshrines the convictions of faithful men and women of many generations.

Recently new links have been forged with other local churches, and with Paisley University which makes widespread use of the premises for teaching, ceremonies and graduations. The University Chaplaincy is based in the Church. Visitors are always welcome, to participate in Sunday worship or simply to admire the beauty of the building which is open to the public on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from May till September.

Our church is not a makeshift tabernacle that could be dismantled overnight. It is the product of years of toil and consummate skill and artistry, permanent in its structure because the spiritual principles for which it stands are of paramount importance, and the distinctive faith to which it witnesses must be preserved for future generations.
Thomas Coats Memorial Church has such a worldwide reputation of architectural importance, quality and historical significance that it has been designated an "A" Listed Building, ranking it with many of the important buildings within the United Kingdom. A few years ago, the congregation of the Church, with help from Historic Scotland and others, launched a massive restoration programme intended to preserve this magnificent structure for future generations. We have achieved a great deal, but there is much more work to be done. If you can support us in any way, we would be grateful if you could contact us via our E-Mail. Thank you.

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